Don’t try to get a job.

Read this article by Seth Godin and decided to post it plus add my opinion at the end.


Don’t you dare.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that the act of trying to get a job corrupts you. It pushes you to be average, to fit in and to do what you’re told.

The second is that this act moves the responsibility from you to that guy who didn’t hire you. It’s his fault. As soon as you start spending your day trying to please the guy, you’ve blown it.

The third is that the economy is terrible and the best jobs you’re going to get are lousy.

So, what should you do?

Today, right now, while the opportunity costs (look it up on Wikipedia) are the lowest they will ever be, go start something.

Start a business. A tiny one.

Train people in social media. Run an eBay selling business. Sell coffee from a truck every morning at the train station. Run spring break tours by bus for other college students. Start a newsstand on campus. Run a birthday cake delivery service. Train executives in public speaking. Start a dog poop shoveling business.

Start something. Run it. Be responsible.

1. You’ll probably make more money
2. You’ll certainly learn more
3. If you’re good at it, people will offer you a job
4. If you’re not, then why on earth would someone actually hire you? Go get good at it.

Have fun. No whining. This is your moment, go make a difference.

You can thank me later.

by Seth Godin

I originally found it through Twitter, here is the link to the original site which had some other very cool posts by the way, check it out.

I love Seth’s perspective here. I would add that if your objective is to just ‘get’ a job then you will meet dissapointment sooner than later. I know of many great jobs still available and would say “Don’t try to get a job, go get a job where you will learn, earn more than you do now (possibly in sales), and do something you at the very least enjoy.” Every job I have ever had has lead to other, even greater opportunities. Please don’t do something you hate for money. It isn’t worth it.


  1. Wade April 3, 2009

    Just a thought…why do we think people have to be “hiring” in order for us to apply or get a job there? If we are going to do something we enjoy, go find the job you want and just get it. Apply for a position that’s filled, and then show the company how bad they’re hurting for not having you on board. Back when I was still involved in “Corporate America” the best jobs I had were ones for companies that didn’t have a big red sign saying NOW HIRING in their window.

  2. cra$h May 19, 2009

    I just read this post, the thaught that came to me as i was reeding was job vs career,A job is somthing a person does to live pay cheque to pay cheque.just to get buy. But a career is somthing a person does because they love it with a career one cant wait to wake up and get to work.
    and the main key…dont be a follower be a leeder, And the other key Dont wait for somone to hire u hire yourself.

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